What does Mileonaire mean?
A title made by us and given to the winner of the 1,000,000 Alfursan Reward Miles. The word Mileonaire is a combination of two words (Mile) and (Millionaire).
Are you ready to enter the draw to become one of the 20 lucky winners of prizes worth up to 4,000,000 Reward Miles from Alfursan and to become a Mileonaire?
Become the Kingdom’s Mileonaire and enjoy the benefits and rewards of Alfursan American Express Credit Card, including instant upgrade to Alfursan Silver Elite tier, and enjoy waived conversion fees on Saudi Riyals and US Dollars purchases.
Enter the draw now to win many prizes of Reward Miles, up to 20 chances during the campaign period, and enjoy converting your Reward Miles into flights to explore magical experiences around the world.
During the campaign period, there will be a draw for 20 winners to receive millions of Reward Miles when they get Alfursan American Express Credit Card.
Reward Miles Number of winners Total Miles
First prize 1,000,000 2 2,000,000
Second prize 300,000 2 600,000
Third prize 200,000 4 800,000
Fourth prize 50,000 12 600,000
Total 20 4,000,000
To qualify and participate in the draw, you must have an activated Alfursan American Express Credit Card during the campaign period. The campaign mechanism and duration will be as follows:
The offer is valid from 9 May 2023 to 9 July 2023.
First Raffle:
Second Raffle:
First and Second Raffle:
If you're one of the lucky winners, your Reward Miles will be credited to your account by the following dates:
Mile Crediting for the winners of the First Raffle:
Mile Crediting for the winners of the Second Raffle:
Mile Crediting for the winners of the First and Second Raffle:
And be sure to keep an eye out for the announcement of the campaign winners' names on American Express Saudi Arabia's website, social media accounts, and other media channels.
Don't wait – apply now for your Alfursan American Express Credit Card today and get ready for the chance to win up to 1,000,000 Reward Miles or many other Reward Miles prizes!
Alfursan American Express® Credit Card
Upgrade to Alfursan Silver Elite tier upon completing your first round-trip outside the Kingdom.*
A Card in US dollars without any conversion fees for transactions in Saudi Riyals.
Worldwide travel accident insurance coverage with legal and medical assistance, Travel Inconvenience Insurance, and Luggage Loss Protection.*
Earn up to 25,000 Bonus Reward Miles.*
*Terms and conditions applies.

How To Earn Reward Miles

Reward Miles
For every USD 1 spent or its equivalent in SAR
Reward Miles
For the equivalent of every USD 1 spent in currencies other than SAR or USD
Reward Miles
For every USD 1 spent on Saudia Airline (

Raffle Permit number: 9320
Terms & Conditions
  • The annual fee for Alfursan American Express Credit Card will not be charged during the first three months from the Card activation date.
  • The Monthly Card fee: SAR 90 (Including VAT), Card monthly Fee will need to be selected to enter the raffle.
  • Only Main Cardmembers are eligible to participate in the raffle.
  • The offer is valid from 9 May till 9 July 2023.
  • Two raffle draws will be conducted during campaign period.
  • Each raffle draw will include all ALFURSAN American Express Credit Cardmembers.
  • You must activate your ALFURSAN American Express credit card to participate in the raffle.
  • Twenty (20) prizes with twenty winners.
  • (2) raffles during campaign period each with 10 winners.
  • 10 winners every month and each winner will win one of the following prizes in order:
    • First prize: 1,000,000 ALFURSAN Reward Miles (1 winner) each month
    • Second prize: 300,000 ALFURSAN Reward Miles (1 winner) each month
    • Third prize: 200,000 ALFURSAN Reward Miles ( 2 winners) each month
    • Forth prize: 50,000 ALFURSAN Reward Miles (6 winners) each month
  • Each prize is between 50,000 to 1,000,000 of ALFURSAN Reward Miles.
  • The raffle draws will be conducted on following days:
    • First Raffle: 15 June 2023
    • Second Raffle: 16 July 2023
  • If the contestant violates any of the contest’s terms and conditions, and/or the terms and conditions of the product, American Express Saudi Arabia has the right to disqualify the contestant or the winner at any stage of the contest. Moreover, American Express Saudi Arabia has the right to replace the contestant or the winner with other winners at the sole and exclusive discretion of American Express Saudi Arabia.
  • Participants in any of American Express Saudi Arabia Campaign hereby acknowledge, understand and consent that, by entering into any raffles organized by American Express Saudi Arabia, they are expressly authorizing the disclosure and use of their name, image, and any other details necessary for promotional purposes by PR and media agencies, without any further compensation or notification from American Express Saudi Arabia.
  • The winning contestants must sign and submit all the necessary forms and documents requested by American Express Saudi Arabia prior to communicating with the winners and releasing the contest prize to them.
  • American Express Saudi Arabia has the right to replace the winner with another contestant in the event the prize has not been claimed by the winner within 3 working days from the date of announcing the winners’ name.
  • Non – Submission or presentation of valid ID (Iqama/ Passport) shall result in a breach of contest rules.
  • The contestant acknowledges that the electronic records of American Express Saudi Arabia serve as conclusive evidence in all courts and committees and government agencies.
  • The Bonus Reward Miles will be credited into winner’s account by:
    • First Raffle: 22 June 2023
    • Second Raffle: 23 July 2023
  • Each Cardmember can only win once during the campaign period.
  • Each Cardmember will get one raffle entry ticket.
  • Attending the raffle draw isn’t a condition to win the prize.
  • American Express employees, agencies and their families can’t participate into the raffle.
  • The raffle will be conducted in the presence of Chamber of Commerce representative.
  • Campaign winners name will be announced on American Express Saudi Arabia media channels and other media channels.
  • American Express Saudi Arabia is regulated by Saudi Central Bank
  • Annual Profit Rate (APR) for purchases is 33%
  • American Express Saudi Arabia T&C’s apply.
  • Alfursan T&C’s apply.