Corporate Payment Solutions

Amex Corporate Card
The American Express chip Card does not require a PIN, only a signature.
  • Company Benefits
  • Employee Benefits

24 hour dedicated Corporate Services Unit

A dedicated team is here to help you in case you have any inquires or require more details regarding the usage of your Corporate Account. For further information on the benefits below, don’t hesitate to call us on our Toll Free number 800 440 0004 or from outside the kingdom on (+96611) 474 9034, agents are available 24 hours a day for any of the following services:

  • Billing inquires
  • Replacement Card requests
  • Card benefits and services information
  • Increase and decrease limits

Corporate Interactive Services

With our online access to management information, designed to help you improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your Expense Management Program that will make your life a whole lot easier. Downloading all employees expenses in Excel format, checking statements, and keeping records online and simple, safe and free.

  • A business to business online solution that enables you the ability to access your Corporate Card data and accounts from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • This suite of reporting products enables you to receive all data online, as opposed to paper.
  • All Accounts and Card Activities can be downloaded into an excel format.
  • Automated expense report processing can save you and your Company time and money.
  • Provides you with convenient online tools to reduce the time you spend managing your accounts and preparing expense reports.

Please call our Corporate Service Unit on Toll Free number 800 440 0004 in KSA or (+96611) 474 9034 outside the kingdom to activate your online access.

Management Information Reports

By using your Corporate Card, your Company will benefit from detailed online reports through Corporate Interactive Services.
Your Company can choose to receive monthly expenditure information in a variety of different formats, so that it can be analysed by industry, vendor, country, and department. This depth of knowledge makes administration much easier, and can also provide your Company with significant impetus and immediate cost savings when negotiating corporate rates with hotels, car rental companies and other suppliers.

Travel Insurance

When you charge scheduled flight tickets to the Corporate Card you will also receive Travel Inconvenience Insurance. This insurance provides you with compensations against flight delays, cancellations, missed connections, luggage delay, luggage loss or not being able to board due to overbooking.

Each time you purchase air, sea or land travel tickets with the American Express Corporate Card you will automatically receive Business Travel Accident Insurance against loss of life, personal injury, as well as "special hijack cover". You are covered for the entire duration of your business trip.

Emergency card replacement

If your Corporate Card is lost or stolen, you’ll receive a replacement Card anywhere in the world as quickly as we manage it. Almost always within two working days.
Contact our Corporate Service Unit at Toll Free number 800 440 0004. Alternatively you can call us from outside the Kingdom on +966 11 474 9034

Tailor made spending privileges

As a Corporate Cardmember, you have a pre-set spending limit on your Corporate Card. Your company sets your Corporate Card monthly spending limit. You can spend as much as you and your Company have set as your limit.

Express cash service

Your Corporate Card can be used to withdraw up to USD 1,000 or local currency equivalent every 30 days form all ATMs of the Saudi investment Bank in Saudi Arabia and from over 800,000 ATMs worldwide. Please note that your Company needs to enroll your Card for this service.

Online fraud guarantee

Purchase online with complete peace of mind knowing that you are protected with Online Fraud Guarantee, any purchase you make online using your American Express Corporate Card is 100% risk free.

Emergency assistance

With Emergency Assistance you can call anytime on Toll Free number 800 897 3222 in KSA and (+9731) 721 8899 outside the kingdom, and receive assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with immediate referral to expert medical, legal and travel practitioners who will help you on whatever you need, wherever you are.

Airport lounge access across the Middle East

You will enjoy complimentary access to any of the following airport lounges across the Middle East, regardless of the airlines and class of travel:

  • Al Reem Lounge, Terminal 1, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • First Class Lounge, Terminal 1 - Cairo, Egypt
  • Exclusive Service Lounge, Terminal 3 - Cairo, Egypt
  • Crown Lounge, Amman, Jordan
  • Dilmun Lounge, Bahrain
  • Cedars Lounge, Beirut, Lebanon*
  • Marhaba Lounge, Dubai, U.A.E. (Terminal 1 and 3)
  • Pearl Lounge, Kuwait
  • Plaza Premium Lounge, Muscat, Oman
  • Oryx Lounge - Doha, Qatar

To qualify for Complimentary Airport Lounge Access, kindly ensure that you make your Card payments on time.
Guest admission will be subject to the admission fees and policies of each airport lounge.

*As per the lounge policy of Cedars Lounge at Beirut-Rafic Hariri Airport, Lebanon, guests will not be allowed access.

Membership Reward® Program

Membership Rewards® is our way of thanking you for being an American Express Cardmember, for every USD 1 or the local currency equivalent you spend on your Card you are entitled to 1 Membership Rewards® point which you can redeem for fantastic rewards such as shopping vouchers, airline tickets, hotel upgrades and much more.For more information about Membership Rewards®, click here.

Please note: Membership Rewards® enrollment requires your Company's approval.

Corporate Partner Program

From airlines and hotels to car hire, business services, office supplies, restaurants and much more… We’ve negotiated special deals with our Corporate Partner Program, to ensure you enjoy the best deals ever. No matter where you are, look out for the best deals we've negotiated for you by visiting our Selects® page online.

How to settle your Card account

Your mode of payment is now more convenient. Although you must pay your balance in full every month, you now have various suitable methods of settling your account. You can also check your account details or settle bills online.
Your company has already chosen its preferred settlement option. If you have any queries about the charges appearing on your statement contact us immediately on 800 440 0004 or from outside the kingdom on (+96611) 474 9034

Settle your bills with the SADAD service

The SADAD Service from American Express lets you pay your balance quickly and easily, wherever you may be. You can pay through all the participating bank branches, ATMs, telephone and the internet.

Direct Debit

You only have to make arrangements once through this efficient mode of payment. Request a Direct Debit form and we will process your request.

In person

For your convenience, you may settle your Card account at any branch at the Saudi Investment Bank in the Kingdom. Cash payments are accepted in Saudi Riyals or US Dollars.

By Mail

Using a Saudi Riyal cheque, a US Dollar cheque or a US Dollar bank draft drawn on a US Bank. Please make cheques payable to Amex Saudi Arabia Ltd., write your Card account number on the front of the cheque and send it along with your renitence advice. Do not make cash.

Bank Transfer "SARIE"

This facility gives you the convenience of paying your bill directly from your bank account. Just pick up Funds Transfer form from your bank, fill it in, hand it to a cashier and the bank will make the payment for you. To fill in the form accurately and insure that the payment is made please make a note of the important details which the form must contain. These are shown below:

Beneficiary Bank and Address
The Saudi Investment Bank Head Office, Riyadh 11481
Beneficiary Account
Write your Sadad number
Beneficiary Name
American Express

Security tips

You have one of the world’s most secure payment methods in your hand. However though we try to ensure the strictest standards in security, the following are some security tips that will help us help you.

Important Security Tips

Please take a moment to view these important security tips for your American Express Corporate Card:

  • Place your signature on the strip provided on the back of your Credit Card as soon as you receive it.
  • Remember to activate your Card before use.
  • If your Card is replaced or renewed, please dispose of the old Card by cutting it into four pieces.
  • Never permit any other person to use your Corporate Card.
  • Be very cautious when using an ATM machine. Always count your cash and put your money and Card away safely before leaving.
  • Be prudent with your personal information – never let your Card or your Card details out of your sight, and never write down your passwords, login details or PIN numbers.

Stay updated on the go

You will receive an instant SMS and email every time your card is used including attempts that are declined. This service safeguards your Card by notifying you of any unauthorized or fraudulent attempts to use your Card.