American Express Saudi Arabia is committed to achieving the highest possible standards and ethical behavior in the workplace. In accordance with the company’s Whistleblowing Policy and Procedures, internal and external stakeholders are encouraged to report concerns about any unethical behavior, wrongdoing, criminal or fraudulent act related to bribery, abuse of power, misconducts, regulatory violations, or any other comparable concerns.
We recognize the need for the protection of Whistleblowers and take all reasonable steps to protect their identity. If you wish to remain anonymous, you do not need to provide any personal contact information below, however, we will have no way of getting back to you to clarify or request more information.

We encourage safe and secure whistleblowing

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American Express Saudi Arabia takes all submissions seriously and all matters remain confidential to the extent possible. American Express Saudi Arabia prohibits retaliatory actions against anyone raising concerns or questions in good faith.

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Alternatively, you can also submit your concern, additional information, and supporting documents to us at the following mail address:

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