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Transactions, Payments & Statements
Making Bill Payments – Business and Corporate Cardmembers

What payment options do I have to pay my bill?

How do I pay my bill?

How do I set up Direct Debit payments on my Card?

How do I know how much I have to pay each month and by which date?


How do I access my transaction history and billing statements Online?

How often can I expect to receive a statement?

What do the different amounts on my Credit Card statement mean?

Pending Transaction

What should I do if I don’t recognize a Pending Transaction?

Why did a hotel charge me before my stay?

Why is my transaction in both ‘Pending Transactions’ and ‘Recent Transactions’?

Why has a Merchant charged me SR.1 (e.g. Uber)?

Disputing a Transaction

Can I dispute a transaction that appears in my recent activity?

Can I dispute a Pending Transaction?

How do I find out the status of my billing inquiry?

Mobile Payments

How do I pay with my mobile device?

Is using my mobile to make payments secure?